It’s Been Awhile

Marissa Gonzalez, Age 20, Wisest young woman I know

It has been awhile. I have graduated from College at The Evergreen State College and am presently slow-starting my career in the social services as a Headstart teacher. I hope to concentrate on my blog more often now, but we’ll have to see if that pans out. Right now, I need your help, however.

Attached is a link to a gofundme page. It is for my friend Marissa Gonzalez and her family.

This family has been beautiful to me. They have been supportive and loving and genuinely kind.

Marissa and her mother were diagnosed with lupus around the same time. Marissa was about 7 years old at the time. Her goal in life was to graduate from high school, she has reached that goal but is struggling to continue at this moment. Marissa’s older sister has also been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. Between the treatments and everyday needs, this family isn’t quite meeting their basic needs every day.

What I need you to do is share this post and if you are financially capable, please donate to her cause. I want to see this post everywhere I go on WordPress, or Facebook, or Twitter. Spread the news! You can donate as little as 20 dollars and as much as 1,000, every bit helps. Their current goal is 10,000 and that will just barely cover all the costs her her treatments and for food and other necessities. They have raised 270 in 5 days, please help them reach their goal. 

100 Things to Do!

100 Things to Do!

I’ve been really inspired here lately. I have two dollars in the bank account until next month. Things are tight, but I’m not here to bitch about it!

I still want to have fun! I just have to do so on a tighter budget… as in free.

Follow the link to find some inspiration for a zero cost experience!

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Rekindle Your Love Affair With Nature!

Rekindle Your Love Affair With Nature!

My first ever article that has been accepted by a site!

Elephant journal accepted an article I wrote having to do with our relationship with nature.

Here are the steps I listed, but please click the photo to continue reading!

“1.) Take A Trip

Sometimes, when I know I’m not expressing the affection I should towards the earth, I go somewhere I am unfamiliar with or have not been to in awhile. Those with the money and time for a vacation, try spending it somewhere away from urban areas. Those on a tight budget, find a natural setting locally such as a public park, a free tea garden, beach, or random space with trees. Basically, find a setting that is outside of the ordinary day.

2.) Breathe

Get comfortable. Focus on breathing. Let’s consider the air that fills our lungs. Notice the smells. Contemplate the fact that these plants allow us the oxygen we need to survive. Take time to appreciate that. Maybe shut your eyes while doing this, before taking in the full capacity of nature’s beauty.

3.) Be Present

When moving on to the other senses, such as the sight of majestic trees, the feel of sunshine warming the skin, and sound of falling rain, really pay attention to each individual detail. Appreciate everything felt, seen, heard, smelt and even tasted. Get lost in the abundant beauty that surrounds us each and every day.

4.) Rekindle That Fire

We must first bond with nature. Realize our connection. We were born from the earth and will return to it fully once our lives come to an end. Let’s show the earth that we love, respect, and need her. Thank her for supporting us and all other life forms.

5.) Repeat

It doesn’t just end here. We can’t just say we’ve become one with nature and leave it at that. All relationships are in need of constant care or they dwindle away. We must continue this affair with nature through constant visits, support during rough times, and above all expressing love. Surrounding ourselves in nature is only a portion of this relationship, we must give in return.”

Elephant Journal

Elephant Journal

If you have read any of my posts having to do with an Elephant Journal article, then you know how much I LOVE their blog.

Well, I am hoping to get my own articles accepted. It’s pretty exciting considering the fact that I haven’t really written anything out my own freewill for a few years. (Anything in length anyway.).

And you can write too! Just go to their website
(Click the Photo)

Look me up if you’re interested.